Award Criteria

Award Criteria

Undergraduate students nominated for the Love Family Foundation award (and Provost’s Academic Excellence Award) must meet the following criteria:

      • The student has applied for graduation for the coming spring semester. A student who has already graduated in the previous fall or summer semesters may also be considered.
      • The student should have an outstanding record of academic achievement as evidenced by GPA and other metrics appropriate to the student’s academic discipline.
      • Other criteria may be used by the college such as: challenge and rigor within the student’s selected coursework; research and engagement within the academic field of study; investigation into fields that provide breadth to their degree programs; and other metrics that demonstrate the students’ pursuit of academic excellence.
      • The student must be in good standing with the Institute and have no record of academic, non-academic, or social misconduct or other related issues. This will be confirmed before awards are conferred.

Selection Process

Each of the six colleges will select a single nominee who meets the above award criteria through its internal processes. The nominees are forwarded to the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education by a selected date in early spring, with a brief letter of support by the Dean, Associate Dean, or other appropriate nominator from the college that addresses the award criteria.  The packet should also include a copy of the student’s resume/CV, unofficial transcript, and any other examples of the student’s scholarship or academic achievements used in the internal selection process.

 The Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (or designee) convenes a meeting of the Academic Associate Deans of each of the colleges (or their designees) to select the recommended award winner.