Provost’s Academic Excellence Award

Provost’s Academic Excellence Award

Established in 2021, the Provost’s Academic Excellence Award was created to recognize the remaining five finalists of the Love Family Foundation Award. Each student is a graduating senior and represents the most outstanding scholastic record from their college. Finalists receive a $2,000 award, generously sponsored by the Love Family Foundation and the Office of the Provost, and recognition at the annual Student Honors program.

2024 Recipients

Anaïs Acree

Ivan Allen College

What’s next for Anaïs:

Anaïs will be joining Deloitte in their Government and Public Services Consulting Division as a Business Analyst.

I am beyond humbled to receive this award and want to thank the Love family for their generosity. I also want to thank my family and friends for their unwavering encouragement and the faculty and staff of Georgia Tech’s Ivan Allen College, whose guidance and support during this amazing four-year journey have made this recognition possible.

Ashley Darling

College of Design

What’s next for Ashley:

Ashley will be taking a gap year before attending law school.

I am so thankful for the College of Design for fostering such a unique and transformative educational environment. Receiving this award is a reflection of Georgia Tech’s Industrial Design program that challenged me every day and allowed me to step outside my comfort zone. I am grateful to be surrounded by people who always push me to be my best, and I am honored to celebrate this award with the College of Design. A special thank you to my mentor Lisa Marks and all the people in my studio courses as you have made these 4 years amazing.

Hope Hazelton

College of Sciences

What’s next for Hope:

Hope will enter the Clinical Mental Health Counseling master’s program at Colorado Christian University.

My time at Georgia Tech has been formative and enriching. I am so thankful for the support of my family, friends, and educators. My studies in the School of Psychology and extracurricular experiences have contributed to newfound academic and professional goals. I am enthusiastic about what the future holds – Georgia Tech will always be such a special part of my story! I have been blessed in abundance as a student. I am honored to be chosen as a recipient of this generous award. I would like to thank the Love Family for their kindness and support of higher education.

Jason Juang

Scheller College of Business

What’s next for Jason:

Jason will spend the next year in Asia on behalf of the Luce Scholarship where he will be working on climate and environmental issues.

It is a great honor to receive this award and represent the Scheller College of Business. My journey through Tech has had its fair share of ups and downs, but I can confidently share that I would not have had the opportunity to succeed without the guidance and mentorship from the Scheller Undergraduate Programs Office, my professors, mentors, peers, and alumni. Through their support, I have had the privilege to experience many of Tech’s resources and its interdisciplinary approach to solving problems. Upon graduation, I will be taking the lessons that I have learned at Tech to be more curious and open minded in the future. I am proud to be a Yellow Jacket!

Zikang Leng

College of Computing

What’s next for Zikang:

Zikang will be starting a PhD in Computer Science at Georgia Tech.

I am immensely grateful to be honored with the award and represent the College of Computing. This recognition is not just a reflection of my own efforts but truly a testament to the incredible support and guidance I’ve received from my mentors, family, and peers over my past three years spent at Georgia Tech. Special thanks to Dr. Thomas Ploetz, Dr. Hyeokhyen Kwon, and Dr. Thad Starner for their incredible mentorship and support.  My experience at Georgia Tech has been extraordinary, thanks to the vibrant and inspiring community that I’ve had the privilege to be a part of!

2023 Recipients

Arul Gupta

Scheller College of Business

What’s next for Arul:

Arul will be joining McKinsey and Company as a business analyst.

I am immensely grateful to have spent four years at Georgia Tech and the Scheller College of Business. This school has provided me with numerous learning and development opportunities through academic clubs or ambassador positions, mentors, and social communities. I have had the wonderful pleasure of building relationships with many peers, the Scheller Undergraduate Office, and more. Their endless support has made me the Yellow Jacket I am today, and it is a special honor to represent the Scheller College of Business with the Provost’s Award.

Elena Cabrera

College of Sciences

What’s next for Elena:

Elena plans to attend graduate school after graduating from Georgia Tech.

I am deeply honored to have received this award and represent the School of Psychology. I would like to thank my family and friends as well as the educators and advisors that have helped me reach this point in my academic career. Having been a part of the Georgia Tech community has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I will graduate knowing that I have received a top-notch education as well as lifelong friends and memories. I am proud to call myself a Yellow Jacket!

Kevin Li

College of Computing

What’s next for Kevin:

Kevin will begin a doctoral program in machine learning at Carnegie Mellon.

My past four years at Georgia Tech have been incredible, and I am honored to receive the Provost’s Academic Excellence Award. It would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of faculty, mentors, friends, and family. I thank my mentors, Dr. Duen Horng (Polo) Chau, Dr. Mahdi Roozbahani, Dr. Ahmet Coskun, and Mr. Jake Vizzoni, among many others, for their significant roles in shaping who I am today.

Jacob Young

Ivan Allen College

What’s next for Jacob:

Jacob will begin an MS in International Affairs at Georgia Tech.

Winning this award has been such a gratifying way to finish my time as an undergraduate here at Tech. I would like to thank everyone at the School of History and Sociology for their support over the last four years and for nominating me for this award.

Peter Lais

College of Engineering

What’s next for Peter:

Peter plans to complete an MD-Ph.D. program in August 2024.

I am truly honored to have been recognized in this way by Georgia Tech. My achievement is founded on an unwavering support from my family, friends, loved ones, mentors, and Georgia Tech’s amazing faculty, and I am incredibly grateful for their academic and social support that has helped me excel at Georgia Tech. A special thanks to my mentors Dr. May D. Wang and Dr. Felipe Giuste, my colleagues at Georgia Tech’s Bio-MIBLAB, my friends at the Hive Makerspace, the College of Engineering, and all those who have made my years at Georgia Tech truly unforgettable.

2022 Recipients

Katie Earles

Ivan Allen college of liberal arts

What’s next for Katie:

Katie will begin an M.S. in Information Technology – Privacy Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

I’m incredibly honored to receive the Provost’s Academic Excellence Award. I have absolutely adored my time at Georgia Tech and feel so lucky to represent the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts. I’m particularly grateful for the Public Policy faculty who have pushed me to pursue my interest in information privacy and security. 

Jocelyn Kavanagh


What’s next for Jocelyn:

Jocelyn will be staying at Tech for another year to finish a graduate degree in music technology.

I love studying at Georgia Tech, and I attribute much of my academic success to the amazing faculty and staff at the School of Music. Couldn’t have done it without all of you!

Emily Salmond

Scheller college of business

What’s next for Emily:

Emily will be working as a Financial Analyst at Goldman Sachs in their Atlanta office starting in June.

My four years at the Scheller College of Business have been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences. I’ve been mentored and inspired by so many peers and alumni during my time at the Institute, and I hope that I’ve been able to do the same for other students. It’s truly a privilege to be recognized and supported by the Georgia Tech and Scheller communities.

Conner Yurkon

COLLEGE OF Computing

What’s next for Conner:

Conner will be interning with Meta this summer and returning to Tech in the fall to compete the BS/MS program in computer science. 

It’s an extraordinary privilege to be selected for this award given the incredibly talented student body hosted by the College of Computing. I can point to so many that contributed to my success — family, friends, and faculty alike. Thank you all! Finally crossing the stage will be bittersweet, but I wouldn’t want to do it anywhere else.

2021 Recipients

Kalen Patton

COLLEGE OF Computing &
COllege of sciences

I was very surprised when I learned I had received the Provost’s Award for not only the College of Sciences but also the College of Computing. During my years at Tech, I’ve met some truly outstanding students in both departments, so I know it was likely difficult to decide on a winner. I would also like to give a huge thanks to the faculty in the School of Mathematics and College of Computing for helping me these past four years by being such incredible teachers, mentors, and advisors. Without them, I would not be where I am today.”

Natalie Mack

Scheller college of business

I am honored and humbled to be a recipient of the Provost’s Academic Excellence Award. In my time at Georgia Tech, it has been my goal to juggle academics, community contribution, leadership, and lots of fun. This award recognizes the achievement of that goal and reminds me of the contributions of so many who have supported me in my studies and beyond, making my dreams possible. I am, and will always be, proud to be a Yellow Jacket.

Chloe Kiernicki


Thank you to the Love family for their consistent devotion to philanthropy and their continued advancement of the Georgia Tech motto of progress and service. I am grateful to have earned this Provost Award and feel so lucky to represent the College of Design. The School of Architecture and larger College of Design have profoundly transformed how I see the world and how I aim to impact it in the future.

Kathryn Higinbotham


It’s such an honor to receive this award, especially because of how transformative the past four years at Georgia Tech have been for me. I’m particularly thankful for the incredible LMC faculty whose teaching has been so important to me, both academically and personally. With less than a week until I graduate, I know how proud I’ll be to call myself a Georgia Tech alumna.